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Filmmakers Not Making Films: Werner Herzog – Spokesman Against Texting and Driving

Alright, so this is a bit of a cheat because the true highlight of this piece is a 34-minute film (see below). However, Werner Herzog’s latest endeavor is against texting while driving as he continues to make content for the AT&T campaign. The first product of this was a much publicized commercial that succinctly relays the […]

Ennealogic: July 26, 2013

1. Attention Chicagoans! The summer’s most literate and budget-friendly event is this weekend with the Newberry Library’s annual book fair. Use paper money to buy paper books, read those books, scribble notes in the margins, and then donate them back to Newberry so some other lucky reader can buy them at next year’s book fair. […]

Ennealogic: July 19, 2013

1. This National Geographic photo from Antarctica, 1911. Because there’s a heat wave across America and we need to think cool thoughts. – – – 2. The 300-plus books from David Foster Wallace’s personal library. Of geeky note: a few books on the IRS, which served as the research he used to write his passages […]

Ennealogic: June 21, 2013

1. Indie label Drag City is set to release a collection of recordings by the genius Andy Kaufman. Tracks include “I’m Not Capable of Having a Relationship” and “Hookers,” so we’re crossing our fingers for a crude Tony Clifton world tour. – – – 2. Photographer Yume Cyan presents a series of long-exposure photographs of […]