Ennealogic: July 26, 2013

1. Attention Chicagoans! The summer’s most literate and budget-friendly event is this weekend with the Newberry Library’s annual book fair. Use paper money to buy paper books, read those books, scribble notes in the margins, and then donate them back to Newberry so some other lucky reader can buy them at next year’s book fair.

– – –

2. Chuck Palahniuk gets desperate with a graphic novel continuation of Fight Club. “Tyler is telling the story,” the author writes, “…ready to launch a comeback.” So a subculture has-been tries to re-capture his former significance. Very meta, Mr. Palahniuk.

– – –

3. Björk and David Attenborough have joined forces for Attenborough and Björk: The Nature of Music, a music documentary that will air on the UK’s Channel 4 this weekend.

(And if you let your ears go lazy, you can hear an ennealogic shoutout from Björk at about the 0:23 mark.)

– – –

4. Geography buffs, wannabe Sherlocks, and bored worker drones, here’s your next great time-waster: GeoGuessr, essentially a new-millenium Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego using Google Maps.

– – –

5. Hal Lasko, a 97-year-old retired graphic designer, is making stunning works of art with MS Paint. Check out this lovely short documentary called The Pixel Painter.

– – –

6. Kickstarter discovers new depths of money-grubbing as Spike Lee is now seeking crowdfunding* support for his new film. And Spike isn’t shy about saying (and I’m barely paraphrasing here) that if Zach Braff can do it, so can he.

Knicks courtside season tickets don’t come cheap, y’all.

– – –

7. Friday distraction: The Carlos Danger Name Generator. This editor’s sexting nom de plume? Leandro Menace.

– – –

8. Apologies for the possible nepotism, but Kari Larsen brought to our attention Sesame Street’s recent parody tweets of the heartachingly beautiful poem “This Is Just To Say” by William Carlos Williams.

– – –

9. You can own Norman Mailer’s former Provincetown, Massachusetts residence for $3.9 million. That’s only $1.95 million per Pulitzer Prize. Or $650,000 per wife, depending on where you stand on the Mailer Ego Spectrum™.

*Author’s note: I originally misspelled “crowdfunding” as “crowdfucking,” which is deliciously apropos.

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