Filmmakers Not Making Films: Werner Herzog – Spokesman Against Texting and Driving

Alright, so this is a bit of a cheat because the true highlight of this piece is a 34-minute film (see below). However, Werner Herzog’s latest endeavor is against texting while driving as he continues to make content for the AT&T campaign. The first product of this was a much publicized commercial that succinctly relays the outcome of texting while driving.

Driven by images and narrative told by family, the ad is a prime example of what filmmakers may accomplish when provided the ways of an ad campaign. And for Herzog, it seems this was only the tipping point. On August 7th, AT&T released a 34-minute film by Herzog titled From One Second To The Next.

Beautifully filmed and presented in the signature fashion of Herzog, the film continues his eloquence and ability to handle delicate information and personal narrative. What could be just another anti- campaign becomes a beautiful evocation of what has been lost both personally and culturally as a result of individual actions. It’s unclear how far this campaign will go and if this is the end run for Herzog’s involvement, but it is clear that if you want to get people’s attention and eloquently present information through art, Herzog is a man who can do it. To hear more from Herzog about the film and his involvement, watch the video from his Los Angeles presentation below.

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