Ennealogic: July 19, 2013

1. This National Geographic photo from Antarctica, 1911. Because there’s a heat wave across America and we need to think cool thoughts.

– – –

2. The 300-plus books from David Foster Wallace’s personal library. Of geeky note: a few books on the IRS, which served as the research he used to write his passages of what would become The Pale King.

– – –

3. Old test footage of Kanye West’s pilot for HBO, where he claimed to be the “black Larry David”. Warning: It’s painful.

– – –

4. Ali Graham’s illustrations of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. Even hip-hop royalty is susceptible to brain freeze.

– – –

5. Viral marketing done right. This, a plug for Blinkbox, a UK video-on-demand service, adding Game of Thrones to their streaming roster.

– – –

6. A film historian (of all people) makes an incredible find: a never-before-seen cut of Buster Keaton’s The Blacksmith. And this comes five years after the historian, Fernando Pena, came upon the original, uncut print of Lang’s Metropolis.

– – –

7. An upcoming documentary about Calvin and Hobbes cartoonist Bill Watterson. There’s something in my eye…allergies must be bad today…shut up.

– – –

8. The Greatest, before he was great. Cassius Clay (later Mohammad Ali), age 12. 

– – –

9. Vampire Weekend covers Robin Thicke’s rape anthem of the summer, “Blurred Lines”.

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