Ennealogic: June 14, 2013

1. Jam of the summer “Get Lucky” gets a very Daft Punk-y interstellar reimagining with this cover, where segments of the song are inspired by past and future decades of popular music.

– – –

2. The most powerful woman in American politics has joined Twitter. Notice that she’s not following Barack Obama. We smell a mutiny.

(Not to be outdone, Bill Gates has joined LinkedIn. But good luck finding a job in this economy.)

– – –

3. This interview with Anobium Editor Benjamin Van Loon, wherein he details the two projects Anobium has in the works: Middle Ground: An Archive, “a five-month collaborative writing experiment serving to explore different types of ‘real’ geographies in a literary way,” and Rescription II, a New York offshoot for our beloved sister city.

– – –

4. In case you missed it, John Oliver is crushing it as the temporary Daily Show host. While Jon Stewart is on hiatus filming his passion project in the Middle East, Oliver is proving that the show’s formula still works as long as the writing stays razor sharp.

– – –

5. A visual representation of Google search trends. Apparently, the United States is very interested to find out more about Teen Mom-turned-adult film star Farrah Abraham.

– – –

6. Similarly, an interactive visualization of Arrested Development’s running jokes. Disclaimer: It does not include season four…yet. Come on!

– – –

7. A future where a new wardrobe is just a spray away. Presumably, science still needs to find a painless way to reconcile aerosol-delivered clothing and chest hair. (Author’s note: NSFW and, upon reflection, unsettlingly Freudian.)

– – –

8. The late, great Blaster Al Ackerman’s Complete Works from Lost & Found Times. Buy the anthology, peep Anobium’s review of Break Up My Water by Ackerman and Francis Poole, and celebrate a one of a kind.

– – –

9. Juggalos inexplicably making fun of other people. Insane Clown Posse, following in the footsteps of such legendary snark-masters as Statler & Waldorf, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Beavis & Butthead. ICP Theater premieres July 24th on Fuse and in your nightmares.

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