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Ennealogic: June 14, 2013

1. Jam of the summer “Get Lucky” gets a very Daft Punk-y interstellar reimagining with this cover, where segments of the song are inspired by past and future decades of popular music. – – – 2. The most powerful woman in American politics has joined Twitter. Notice that she’s not following Barack Obama. We smell […]

Commerce in Shall

“Very soft cotton” is not the only selling point of this shirt. “I died our baby / I did it anciently,” Ariana Reines, Thursday (Spork, 2013). Hop onto this project: Arrested Development celebratory screen print. Or, if you can’t wait much longer, “Sometimes you just need to eat a whole thing of candy beans. Commemorate […]

Outer Space

Frothy and substantial as a soda fountain treat itself, the Paris Review‘s Sadie Stein gets rapturously sentimental for Anne Emery’s malt shop books. The ultimate slash: Star Trek meets a Softer World. For an independent alternative to the Amazon, IndieBound offers an affiliate program. Link to books you want, IndieBound pays referral fees, and independent booksellers […]