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A Portrait of a Native American as a Young Woman: The Labyrinth of Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend

NOTE: This essay will contain spoilers. Erika T. Wurth’s debut novel Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend is a modern-day labyrinth. Although published almost a hundred years after James Joyce’s A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, both books explore the life of a young protagonist attempting to escape the destructive influences of poverty, culture, and […]

Anobium 2015

Announcing: ANOBIUM 2015

Friends, followers, fomenters: At the end of 2013, we announced that Anobium would be going to the cosmological backburner for a time while our execs focused on honing their other skills (alchemy, aerobics, aerodynamics, etc.). This upcoming summer, we’re putting Anobium back over high heat and we’re not watering it down. Bona fide 200 Proof. In the past, we’ve […]

Maelstrom: An Interview with Brendan Monroe

Maelstrom: An Interview With Brendan Monroe by Jacob van Loon Blobography, an exhibition of Brendan Monroe’s ceramic sculptures, recently concluded at Heath Ceramics in Los Angeles. A fetching, carefully considered myriad of contrasting glazes adorn his small-to-mid scale figurative work — planes of textural, swirling color that look like they were skimmed off the gaseous planets […]