Outer Space

  1. Witness the moving gesture that crippled Ben Schachtman‘s ability to by cynical.
  2. It’s found its form: Inception in concert in Vienna.
  3. “[Ebert’s] father called Champaign-Urbana ‘the greatest university in the world,’ a Burnham-designed neoclassical oasis with a first-edition Audubon open on display in the library. It was a place that attracted minds from all over the world, including a Hungarian professor whom Ebert respected so much that young Robert did his paper route backwards to serve him first. Champaign-Urbana is still a first-rate education, but the university predicts that tuition, fees, room and board for Illinois residents will come to  between $29,594 and $34,514 for the 2013-14 academic year. As we say goodbye to Roger Ebert, let’s hope that Labor can still lead to Learning, and that we haven’t eradicated the conditions of possibility for a whip-smart high school senior with parents of little means to get a thrilling college education.”
  4. Writing prompt: “He Fights for Family, He Lives for Love: the Art of the ABC Family Trailer.”
  5. Peggy Olson > Sheryl Sandberg by Michelle Dean.

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