Outer Space

  1. “Girls, if you’re that age, might seem fun, funny, deeply relatable and give a sense of ‘I’m not alone in the world.’ But, stay tuned-in for the cautionary tale of only a matter of a few years later, doing the same shit and having audiences say, ‘She’s so sad and scary and tragic. I hope I’m nothing like her.’ Lesson being, between 22 and 35, make sure you get a lot of therapy.” – Laura Dern, on one of the vast, innumerable reasons Enlightened needs to be on the air.
  2. Find the new world in Bo Christian Larsson‘s old boat.
  3. “Even before the birth of my children I was interested in how our culture views childhood and moreover how the institution of childhood was created by the adult world and continues to be defined and redefined by adults.  I think that our understanding of childhood is coloured by adult desires and expectations and it’s invested with qualities that adults want to see in children.” – Polixeni Papapetrou, Australian photographer, casting director of my nightmares, speaking right out of a dream about motherhood and art
  4. Your hot ass mess is not my revolution: on polyamory.
  5. “The ‘stories of anxieties of middle-class women’ are both fetishized and disowned as narcissistic in our culture, and Cvetkovich’s slight dismissals is somewhat surprising coming as it does within her own work of self-described confessional feminism.” – Kate Zambreno keenly takes on Ann Cvetkovich’s Depression: a Public Feeling.

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