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A Portrait of a Native American as a Young Woman: The Labyrinth of Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend

NOTE: This essay will contain spoilers. Erika T. Wurth’s debut novel Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend is a modern-day labyrinth. Although published almost a hundred years after James Joyce’s A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, both books explore the life of a young protagonist attempting to escape the destructive influences of poverty, culture, and […]

Maelstrom: An Interview with Brendan Monroe

Maelstrom: An Interview With Brendan Monroe by Jacob van Loon Blobography, an exhibition of Brendan Monroe’s ceramic sculptures, recently concluded at Heath Ceramics in Los Angeles. A fetching, carefully considered myriad of contrasting glazes adorn his small-to-mid scale figurative work — planes of textural, swirling color that look like they were skimmed off the gaseous planets […]