Commerce In Shall

Every Friday, the Anobium web staff provides some ideas for what to do with that paycheck in this new segment, “Commerce in Shall.” The title comes from Catherine Wagner’s poem “Macular Hole,” which can be heard here and is available from Fence.

  • “Note: these pages reflect what will be in the book, not what Lena has actually had time to do so far” – maybe scanning Lena Dunham’s leaked 3.5 million dollar proposal for her advice book Not That Kind of Girl will save you a few bucks? Or maybe you’ll be rabid to buy copies for all of your friends? “I’ve never kept a diary, [because] if a girl writes in her diary and no one’s there to read it did she really write at all?”
  • Beyond satisfying the ardent wishes of some, this comprehensive box set of Quentin Tarantino’s oeuvre (save the unreleased, impending Django Unchained), as recommended by Joshua Covell, also has infinite potential for holiday mischief. This Chanukah, spark a new feud with old friends over the inarguable superiority of Jackie Brown! Defend Death Proof while the children try to sleep on Christmas eve! In the spirit of the auteur, wreak mayhem!
  • As of 11pm Eastern Standard Time, there are 197 (of 300) copies of “Susan Sontag on Art” – illustrated by Wendy MacNaughton and edited by Maria Popova – in need of a home. As the proud owner of a “Susan Sontag on Love” by the same duo, this editor can attest to the quality of the print and just what a badass edition this would be to the nest of any discerning lover of art.
  • Cap off your year of living dangerously and do something truly questionable: come party in Harrisburg! 2012 saw the opening of a new arts initiative at the MakeSpace – there are shows throughout December, and all funds go to love and art.
  • Not a day has passed in the last few months that this editor has not tried to purchase this tote bag from the Paris Review. If your heart is as wounded as the one in question, heal thyself, reader, with this strapping mug.

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