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Outer Space

Tumblr tag: Maria Rubinke. Paraffin wax mixture, pigment, steel, wicks, despair by Urs Fischer “The interviewers belong to a new generation that has been called “silent,” though a better word for it would be “waiting” or “listening” or “inquiring.” They have done their assigned reading, they have asked the right questions, or most of them, […]

Outer Space

Frothy and substantial as a soda fountain treat itself, the Paris Review‘s Sadie Stein gets rapturously sentimental for Anne Emery’s malt shop books. The ultimate slash: Star Trek meets a Softer World. For an independent alternative to the Amazon, IndieBound offers an affiliate program. Link to books you want, IndieBound pays referral fees, and independent booksellers […]

Commerce In Shall

Every Friday, the Anobium web staff provides some ideas for what to do with that paycheck in this new segment, “Commerce in Shall.” The title comes from Catherine Wagner’s poem “Macular Hole,” which can be heard here and is available from Fence. “Note: these pages reflect what will be in the book, not what Lena […]