Outer Space

  1. The unquantifiable cuteness of these baby mythical creatures almost makes up for the omission of baby Cthulhu. Almost.
  2. “Get Your Midnight Book Release Costume Ready!” The DSM-V might not drop until May, but that’s no excuse to procrastinate.
  3. Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint, Karen Berger, who has held the post for twenty years, is stepping down. According to the official release, she’s staying on through March to oversee the transition of her responsibility to similarly long-time employees she has mentored. Here’s to the Sandman-ly in magnitude work these editors will produce in the next twenty years.
  4. “A girl, a rising star of not quite the first magnitude, is courted by a budding astronaut,” is precisely how I would describe Nabokov corresponding with Hitchcock if I spoke only in nearly subterranean understatements (courtesy of Jacob Van Loon).
  5. Suzanne Scanlon highjacks her own self-interview at the Nervous Breakdown to recognize Shulamith Firestone and anticipatory plagiarism.

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