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Maelstrom: An Interview with Brendan Monroe

Maelstrom: An Interview With Brendan Monroe by Jacob van Loon Blobography, an exhibition of Brendan Monroe’s ceramic sculptures, recently concluded at Heath Ceramics in Los Angeles. A fetching, carefully considered myriad of contrasting glazes adorn his small-to-mid scale figurative work — planes of textural, swirling color that look like they were skimmed off the gaseous planets […]

Outer Space

Have a manuscript trapped in your drawer? Unleash it at Cairn! Have a salacious story about your hometown? Unleash it at Local Dialect! Too bogged down by crippling student debt to write? Unwind at Chez Apocalypse! Marko Manev’s “Macedonian minimalist posters dedicated to the heroes of Marvel.” “Olly Moss is the figurehead in a big […]