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Ennealogic: August 30, 2013

1. Continuing the twisted trend of posthumous publishing, it was revealed that J.D. Salinger instructed his estate to release five of his works, which will be available as early as 2015. New item to add to my to-do list, directly below “write books”: Get an estate. – – – 2. This photo of Chicago’s loop […]

Ennealogic: August 2, 2013

1. The trailer for David O. Russell’s next great film, American Hustle. I watched the video on mute, but I’m assuming the plot is two Hollywood heartthrobs, played by Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper, try to out-ugly each other with a beer gut/combover combo and a perm, respectively, and still manage to nab some bombshells […]

Watch and Listen

In the early nineties, when shows like Twin Peaks and The X Files reconsidered the use of music and sound for narrative storytelling, the approach was an anomaly. Rarely was this distinctly cinematic element appropriated for the lesser art that was TV, but there it lay, making stories the better for it. Now, some twenty years later, […]

Watch and Listen

Only God Forgives is released today. In the spirit of its quiet protagonist, I thought it best to highlight some work featuring important characters who speak either little or not at all. This week’s topic: The Silent Type 1. Yojimbo – It’s where we get the Dollar’s Trilogy, though it’s an inspired riff itself, and that […]