Watch and Listen

In the early nineties, when shows like Twin Peaks and The X Files reconsidered the use of music and sound for narrative storytelling, the approach was an anomaly. Rarely was this distinctly cinematic element appropriated for the lesser art that was TV, but there it lay, making stories the better for it. Now, some twenty years later, TV has become the place for rich storytelling and in turn has (re)established the use of sound and music in a (post)cinematic way. So, this week we have some recent television whose success heavily relies on what you hear rather than what you see.

This week’s topic: Radio Television*

1. Hannibal (per NBC: As Will and two officers investigate a murder, they unwittingly walk into the lair of a killer hell-bent on their destruction.)

2. Treme

3. Breaking Bad

4. Fringe

5. Californication

*These five highlights are not nearly the end of it. Much of what is good on TV these days is because of what is happening in your ears.

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