Sound Bite

“The best garage band in America since the ’60s. Very primitive…they made people with Les Pauls and Marshall amps look like idiots.”
– Jack White

Third Man Records keeps on keeping on with rarities and mystery concoctions so exciting it’s hard to pin down the best of what they’re doing. However, they’ve just announced a new live record from The Gories titled The Shaw Tapes: Live in Detroit 5/27/88.

“Recorded at a house party in a converted store front, the band captured here is at the height of their powers. Featuring covers of classics by the likes of John Lee Hooker, The Stooges and Willie Dixon, as well as a bevy of their oft-imitated originals, Live in Detroit 5/27/88 is the Gories first live album, their fourth full-length and their first widespread release since 1992.”

Take a listen at the first track released, “To Find Out”. It’s fantastic, and in my mind is in keeping with this month’s governing.

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