Ennealogic: October 11, 2013

1. Here’s an inspiring video to start your weekend off right. Ron McCallum delivers a TED Talk about being a part of the technological revolution that allows him to read, despite being blind from birth.

– – –

2. Astronomers have discovered a massive planet, a mere 80 light years from Earth, that has no orbit. This wandering rogue planet is home to the ghosts of Jack Kerouac and Andy Kaufman.

– – –

3. The Community Party 20th anniversary meeting at the old Chicago Stadium, 1939. The hotdog vendors must have had a hell of a time getting tips.


– – –

4. The new posters for von Trier’s Nymphomaniac solidify this movie as my most anticipated comedy of the year.

– – –

5. A 1987 interview with Ray Charles about being yourself.

– – –

6. With their thumbs always on the cultural pulse, the opera world is ready to welcome a Breaking Bad opera. Finally, a Nazi-heavy opera not made by Wagner.

– – –

7. For two weeks in November, McDonald’s will replace their Happy Meal toys with books that the fast food company will publish itself.

The four titles that will come with the meals were all created specifically for McDonald’s—by advertising firm Leo Burnett, AdAge reports—and include characters like a voracious goat who struggles to eat right and a diminutive dinosaur who grows tall with good nutrition.

A book idea that didn’t make the cut: A morbidly obese lion who dies of heart disease.

– – –

8. Four designers talk about (and show off) their work on recent book jackets, first attempts to final products. You can judge the artists by these book covers.

– – –

9. This teaser, an animated rendition of a Top Gun “Danger Zone”-inspired montage, for Archer‘s January season premiere.


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