How about that restoration?


The restoration.  It’s great, right?

I don’t know what you are talking about.

The restoration, of your film.  I got an advanced copy of today’s release.

What restoration?

Of your film!  It’s out today.  You have seen it, right?

There wasn’t any restoration.

Oh yeah there was.  We wanted to make sure it looked awesome in HD so we did a bunch of work to take out the scratches, dirt and film debris.  It’s beautiful!

Wwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaatttttt?  What are you talking about?

We cleaned it.

All those things are supposed to be there!  What are you talking about you cleaned it?!?!

We did the typical restoration process that happens nowadays.  I thought all of that was just the aging of the film.

The film isn’t even a year old!  How could it be!  Why didn’t you consult me about this?????

Because you didn’t want anything to do with it.

Well I didn’t think you would change it.  I just figured you would release it as it was.

Oh no, that is not how things go nowadays.  It’s all about the cleanse now.  Make it look better than ever.

But that is not what I intended!!!

So what? Your film looks great!


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