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We all know the power of music in film and television. Especially nowadays with an increasing reliance on either music or musical soundscaping to make sense of the disparate images, music is the glue that holds it all together. In this scenario there are moments when the only sense comes from the music: the images are cut together in a formation not dissimilar to a music video and if the music was gone the sense of the situation would lose most, if not all, of its cohesion. So, this week, we are looking at some of these scenes. Moments in film, little shorts as a previous post articulated, driven by the sonic experience and a wholeness unto themselves.

This week’s topic: the music video scenario

1. The Adjustment Bureau – Fever Rain Run

2. Kill Bill Vol 1. – Arrival of O-Ren Ishii at The House of Blue Leaves

3. Deadwood – The Killing of Wild Bill

4. The Hunger Games – Cornucopia Bloodbath Scene

5. The Girl in the Cafe – Opening

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