Bob Dylan – Another Self Portrait

“Bob Dylan continues to release odd and unsettling records, and to do odd and unsettling things on stage. So the term ‘still’ seems meaningless to me. But the real answer is simple: I listen to Bob Dylan for pleasure more than I listen to anyone else for pleasure.” –Greil Marcus

Bob Dylan has a new release from The Bootleg Series called Another Self Portrait (1969-1971): The Bootleg Series Vol. 10. As with every release in this series, the music is fantastic and in many ways better highlights achievements of this period than the original records, somehow re-mystifying while demystifying the mystic. A man of many masks, talents, and myths, he’s making the old new again, but in a way that is not simply nostalgic for what was left behind. The Bootleg Series runs parallel with his other releases to provide a richer survey of someone whose produced and contributed more than most can even  imagine.

Covering the span of Self Portrait and New Morning, we get new glimpses of a time many forgot. And it’s glorious.

For a listen, NPR has you covered.

And there is also this documentary.

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