Ennealogic: August 16, 2013

1. Some comedy genius mocked up posters for the fake movies mentioned in Seinfeld. I’m forced to deduct a point for the omission of Brown Eyed Girl, though.

– – –

2. It’s Not You, It’s Me, A wonderfully dark short film starring Gillian Jacobs. It gets the Peter John McLean Black Comedy Seal of Approval™.

– – –

3. What’s old is new again (sort of): Ploughshares’ digital-only long-form series, Ploughshares Solos, is no longer digital-only. Here’s their reasoning for publishing physical copies of their e-work:

1. Many literary readers still do 100% of their reading in print.

2. It’s really handy to have a physical product readers can take home after we meet them at in-person events like AWP or book festivals.

3. We think the stories and essays in the series are amazing, and so we want readers to be able to collect them in a more permanent way.

More print work is never a bad thing, but mining from your own digital pool seems a little half-hearted.

– – –

4. Images from Guillermo del Toro’s sketchbook, a very cool glimpse into the twisted mind of the visual artist.


– – –

5. Researchers at Rice University have determined that carbyne, a form of carbon, is now the strongest known material. To contrast, my own research has determined that the weakest material known to man is Jeff Dunham’s standup act. Science zing!

– – –

6. A speedrun of The Big Lebowski: 60 seconds of stick figure Coen Classic greatness.

– – –

7. The Washington Post‘s Max Fisher shows us that (a) stats, especially presented in map form, are amazing and (b) some of the staff at TWP need more to do.

– – –

8. The hip-hop universe is abuzz this week following some incendiary lyrics from Kendrick Lamar, who is featured on Big Sean’s “Control”. His verse is tight as all get out, but it’s hardly barbed wire lyricism. Still, hip-hop can always use a little more drama.

– – –

9. We post a lot of YouTube videos here at Anobium, and for good reason: it is the digital time capsule of the new millennium. But do you ever wonder what the worst YouTube videos are? Well, this handy website compiles all of the worst rated videos for excruciating marathon viewing.

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