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Ennealogic: July 26, 2013

1. Attention Chicagoans! The summer’s most literate and budget-friendly event is this weekend with the Newberry Library’s annual book fair. Use paper money to buy paper books, read those books, scribble notes in the margins, and then donate them back to Newberry so some other lucky reader can buy them at next year’s book fair. […]

Commerce in Shall

You can fund American Psycho: the Musical… …or usher four books of poetry into the world… …before Zach Braff brings on the Kickstarterocalypse. May your life in this shirt be a chorus of welcoming voices saying “me too.” Speaking of which, there’s no telling what your life is full of if you’re spotted in this […]

Commerce in Shall

House and Senate’s Excellent Adventure: this time traveling political satire wants YOU! Jacobin would like to trade in PBR for champagne: subscribe! The weather being what it is, these ice skates amount to a practical investment: commute in style! There’s too little Art Nouveau in your life: fix that! Too big to fail: the National […]