Jeff Goldblum Must Go Faster

“Well, you’ve got to be known for something. The Danger of extreme versatility is that you don’t spring to mind for anything.” -Julian Fellowes (supposedly)

Over the holiday weekend I fed the urge to rewatch Independence Day by buying it on blu-ray (which actually sports a fantastic image/sound job despite being a release from the earlier stages of the technology). At the end, when Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith are escaping the mothership, Goldblum starts saying “must go faster, must go faster” and I was reminded of something. Another monster flick with him in trouble, trying to flee from imminent doom. I realized this go around is an extended run (as in he says it more than once) of the one line from Jurassic Park as he’s fleeing the charge of the T-Rex. Additionally, I realized he says it the exact same way—same performance quality, punch, etc. So, to prove the point and to just make something of this thought, here is each scene for your viewing and listening pleasure followed by a clip of him looped laughing for 10 minutes because it came along with the research.

Independence Day:

Jurassic Park:

Jeff Goldblum Laughs at Everything:

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