Waiting for Fincher with Calvin Klein

As some may know, I am a huge fan of David Fincher. While plowing through the options of what feature film to do next (at the moment an adaptation of the book Gone Girl looks to have some steam with Ben Affleck in line for the cast), he’s been releasing substantial content other than movies and TV and making sensational use of black and white with products such as the music video for Justin Timberlake’s song Suit & Tie. This week came another such product, an ad for Calvin Klein perfume. And while I swim in the strangeness of watching this and consider what content I will watch because of the person behind it, the ad actually strikes me as interesting because the poetics work against the ad platform in a wonderful way and allow for engagement with the materiality—the last thing I wanted was anything it had to offer by the end of it, which makes it all really fascinating and interesting. So while I wait and hope another feature film doesn’t get placed on the back burner, I will watch this content because somehow he’s managing to take the excessive prostitution of creative possibilities and turn it into something worth looking at a little more.

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