Ennealogic: June 28, 2013

1. Lost and unaired interviews set to adorable black and white animation. Blank on Blank is a YouTube channel you absolutely have to subscribe to. In their newest video, two teens interview Louis Armstrong in his underwear at Ravinia in 1964.

– – –

2. It starts with decoding the language of prairie dogs and ends with a 2034 BuzzFeed article titled, “23 Celeb Pets Who Endorse Jaden Smith’s Presidential Bid.” Until then, here is what scientists have found:

“[Prairie dogs are] able to describe the colour of clothes the humans are wearing, they’re able to describe the size and shape of humans, even, amazingly, whether a human once appeared with a gun.”

– – –

3. This is what Rick Moranis has been up to lately: My Mother’s Brisket & Other Love Songs. Blast “Kiss My Mezuzah” at your next Rosh Hashanah shindig.

– – –

4. Disappointed by Yeezusas one Anobium contributor was? El-P and Killer Mike combine forces to form Run the Jewels. (Think Mos Def and Talib Kweli’s Black Star.) And even better, the album, which might end up being the best hip-hop of the year, is free to download.

– – –

5. 1978 Boba Fett costume screentest. This black and white video feels like a QVC demo that Darth Vader himself might have tuned in to.

– – –

6. Artist Noah Bradley tries to talk artists out of going to art school. This isn’t just an attempt at eliminating the competition; he’s got some great points to back up his claims.

– – –

7. Solve for X. Ridley Scott + Cormac McCarthy + Pitt + Fassbender + Bardem = X*

– – –

8. Ever wonder which song your parents might have been listening to when you were conceived? Well you are now. Imagine a thousand couples making whoopee to Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue”.

– – –

9. New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff explores the ins and outs of the magazine’s selections and submissions. But if you ask Elaine Benes (and myself), they just like to publish cute animal doodles. 

*Solution: X = !!!

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