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With the recent passing of James Gandolfini, it’s fitting to devote this week’s selections to his catalog. While the obvious top tiers are The Sopranos and True Romance, I’d like to highlight some moments maybe missed or not so easily remembered. To credit MCAD & University of Minnesota professor Kjel Johnson, “It’s not often that an actor creates a truly iconic character that pervades and persists in popular consciousness the way Tony Soprano still does and will for a long time, and that’s just part of Gandolfini’s legacy. RIP.”

This week’s topic: James Gandolfini

1. Where the Wild Things Are – Voice of Carol

[Editor’s note: *so many tears*]

2. In The Loop – Lt. Gen. George Miller

3. The Man Who Wasn’t There – Big Dave Brewster

4. Killing Them Softly – Mickey

5. The Mexican – Winston Baldry

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