Outer Space

  1. Have you seen Session 9? Does a week in Danvers State Hospital seem perilous? How would you like to live there?
  2. Have you seen previous Outer Space occupiers Crimes’ video produced by Anobium’s own Garrett Tiedemann? It’s in Minnesota’s CityPages top ten music videos!
  3. This editor knows there is so much out there to see but has a sneaking suspicion she will not be asking you with any degree of fervency whether or not you catch Netflix’s forthcoming series Hemlock Grove.
  4. Even though there are plenty of repeat entries, this Tumblr tag still makes for a good, safe for work, vicarious reprieve from stress: children smoking.
  5. It is Anobium Editor Ben Van Loon‘s birthday today! Celebrate by rewatching that golden moment when Werner Herzog was shot by what he judged an insignificant bullet.

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