Outer Space

  1. New Year’s Day saw the unleashing of the Criterion Collection’s annual teaser comic. Although some riddles remain obtuse, Criterion was merciful enough to make plain what is in the opinion of this Anobium editor unbeatable news: David Lynch’s Eraserhead is getting the Criterion treatment in 2013!
  2. Have you ad sale experience, dear reader? Do you reside in New York? The American Reader is scouring for an Advertising and Partnerships Director. Compensation includes a stipend as well as commission.
  3. Gold Wake Press is reading for both their 2015 verse series and the Rocker Box Prize in fiction.
  4. Maybe you don’t have anything to submit to Gold Wake? If you’re in need of the motivation to finish that manuscript, Joshua Covell has exactly what you need: Written? Kitten!
  5. The Gawker article “Journalism is Not Narcissism” occasioned a great conversation between Ann Friedman, Roxane Gay (also here), and Michelle Dean (here, too).

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