Outer Space

  1. “While I don’t wish to co-opt these girl’s work by leaving the work anonymous here, it is difficult to impossible on tumblr to trace the origins of particular images. Therefore, I can only direct you to the Women as Objects archive project itself if you are interested in seeking out the girls behind/with/in/these images. Even there, they may elude you.” At Bright Stupid Confetti, Kate Durbin on the art of the moment: girls, online.
  2. Support worker-owned and collectively-managed bookstore and coffeehouse Red Emma’s as they move into a huge new space for fall 2013!
  3. Do you come in late or leave early without prior permission? Are you unavailable at night or on the weekends? Do you fail to meet any goals? Do you give unsolicited advice about how to run things? Do you take personal phone calls during work hours? Do you gossip? Do you misuse company property? Do you surf the internet while at work? Do you submit poorly written materials? Do you create an atmosphere of complaint and argument? Do you fail to respond to emails in a timely way? Do you show zero interest in aspects of publishing beyond editorial? Do you make repeated mistakes? Do you violate company policies? Do you want to be paid to work? If you answered yes to everything, I am afraid that while you are not Dalkey Archive material, you are my clone. I guess if we were to be reunited, this is as good an occasion as any!
  4. Via Mr. Van Loon, our Executive Editor: Codex, a journal of typography, is not just beautiful – each issue is limited edition! Shock of this is somehow ameliorated by the existence of the email address – to which one may route “questions, problems, and anxieties” – nevergonnaletyougo@codexmag.com.
  5. Via Mr. Schachtman, our (my fellow) Associate Editor: with his photography, Chris McCaw demonstrates two superhuman abilities: 1) shaming your high school self into understanding once and for all that, no, it was not the pinhole camera’s fault – you are a threat to the discipline of photography, 2) harnessing the full power of light.

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