Ennealogic, 2012: Week 9

Another busy week full of superfluities and neologisms. Odds plut and her nails. See?

The good news is, we are days away from unleasing one of our first e-reader thingamajigs.

Anyway, our nine favorite things from the week. Top to bottom. Pip pip. Regular pickthank.

1. This list of ‘vulgar’ (common) language from 1811. Learn to talk like a regular 19th-century bloke and don’t be left at your sixes and sevens.

2. New song by old band; Life and Times. It’s like a cosmic trip back to the ’90s, in the best way possible.

3. Recording of Daniel Higgs live at Graymalkin. More pantheistic raga from the man himself. Also, in general, archive.org is a great resource for odd field recordings, lectures, and other weird sonic materials.

4. Ultimate art-book resource. Aside from the beauty of their content, art books are also great investment pieces. Many art books are often printed to coincide with exhibitions, and most of them never live to see a second edition. Artbook.com/Distributed Art Publishers is an excellent resource for art, design, architecture, and even literary arts books. Just this week, we added this David Lynch book to our own personal collection. It wasn’t cheap, but it will appreciate in value. And it’s David Lynch. What’s not to love?

5. The Art of Mark Jenkins. Speaking of art books, contributing writer Garrett Tiedemann wrote up an excellent review of artist Mark Jenkins’ new book, The Urban Theater, published by Gestalten – another great publisher.

6. These three sisters who are excellent exorcists and line-memorizers. There is some great fictive and non-fictive fodder in this story. Creepy daddy-daughter luv, gilt crosses, dilated pupils, etc. Check out their home page. Great shit.

7. New art by Jacob van Loon, who will be co-designing Volume 3.

8. Submissions to Anobium: Volume 3. We want to publish your writing, especially if it is genre-bending, genre-blending, meta-generic, or just run-of-the-mill generic. Anyway, submit. Get printed. Get famous.

9. Killer r’n’r. By Tilts.

[Feature image from La Castanya.]

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