Pre-orders For Anobium: Volume 2 Are Now Open!

After months and months of hard work, the proofs for Volume 2 have been submitted to the printers and we’ve set a countdown clock for the official release date on January 31st. Until that time, we want to give you an opportunity to pre-order a copy for yourself. You get free shipping, and ‘much luv.’

If you go to our ‘Purchase‘ link on the top navigation, you’ll see that we now have an official storefront. Bigcartel is still linked to PayPal, so you don’t have to do anything special, but now it’s easier for you to modify your amounts and start a shopping cart. Welcome to 1999.

At our store, in addition to the standby purchases of Volume 1 and Sebastian’s Relativity, there are two amazing pre-order options for Anobium: Volume 2:

A) Pre-order Anobium: Volume 2 for $10 and get free shipping! No bullshit. Just a damn good book.

B) Order an Anobium: Volume 1 and Anobium: Volume 2 combo pack for $16! That’s a 20% discount for two dangerous little volumes.

We don’t normally offer discounts, but we’re excited about this collection and want you to get your pizza-stained fingerprints all over everything.

Volume 2 features new writing from R. A. Allen, David Applebaum, Annah Browning, Rance Denton, Vernon Frazer, Roxane Gay, Benjamin Goluboff, John Gosslee, Jac Jemc, Jeffrey Maclachlan, Kristine Ong Muslim, and D. E. Steward. Jonathan Greenhause and Graham Tugwell, who appeared in Volume 1, are also making new appearances here.

Volume 2 also includes a new CURATORIAL section, compiled by Benjamin van Loon. This section includes a primer and two small selections from OG-recluse, Blaster “Al” Ackerman; an essay detailing the ups and downs of mortuary science in Chicagoland by Derek Sanchez-Hoeksema; an interview and selection from Patrick Somerville, author of The Universe in Miniature in Miniature; and an interview and selection from Jesse Ball, author of The Way Through Doors and other stellar novels.

Finally, nine never-before-seen paintings from Parisian artist Ivan de Monbrison will be rounding out the volume (and watch the website for an interview with de Monbrison, coming soon). Cover-art is being provided by Renaissance-man Jacob van Loon.

It’s an erudite mix-tape. Order now and ring in the New Year with an inimitable sense of accomplishment. The Universe will reward you.

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