What We’re Excited About: “Beyond and Between” by Daniel Higgs

Every six centuries, sentience stirs, finding a new oracle through which it projects and reflects. Like those unknown transmissions sent from the depths of our consciousness, a certain cognitive fidelity becomes lost in the space between origination and articulation. From this rift we derive anxiety, fear, and dissolution. This is the realm of poetry, prophecy and Daniel Higgs.

What is the difference between a poet and a prophet? Time. Once the waters of history have ran their course, these keystones are scattered about the riverbed. We piece them together, one by one. Occasionally we mistake how they should fit together, because supposition is our only frame of reference.

This is our project; piecing it all together. Somewhere we hear a hum, or some ancient rhythm. A pattern of words which portends the end of one era and the beginning of another.

So we have Daniel Higgs: musician, artist, poet… shaman? Known first for his work with Lungfish and other late-80’s/early-90’s musical experiments, Higgs has come to a new phase of his career over the past few years, releasing a huge collection of solo CDs, records, and tapes, where he prays, incants, intones, drones and thrums. While his music has a notable Eastern/raga influence, there is something atavistically distinct about his creations, which are at once compelling and hypnotizing.

It goes without saying that us here at Anobium are big fans, though ‘fan’ might not be the most appropriate word. Participants? Disciples? Today we learned of a new recording titled ‘Beyond & Between,’ now available from La Castanya, and slotted for international release next month. We also learned that more releases are scheduled for Higgs in 2012 on Gnome Life Records. (PS: ‘The Measure of Mystery’ by Daniel Higgs was just released today on Gnome Life! Check it out.)

We’ve included a preview of a new track from Beyond & Between below. Gather ye keystones while ye may. This is how you ring in the New Anglo Year.

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One Comment on “What We’re Excited About: “Beyond and Between” by Daniel Higgs”

  1. adam c.
    January 9 2012 at 1:02 pm #


    have you seen the book needles and pens made?

    you can purchase it on their website or by phone: http://www.needles-pens.com/home.html

    MORPH TRAITS is a collection of 44 drawings that are the result of a collaborative exercise between Kyle Ranson and Daniel Higgs. Consummated in 1991 and set aside, this back and forth practice continued intermittently over the next 16 years through brief encounters and the postal system. In 2007, the two geographically separated artists reinitiated the game and it was decided to create a volume of these works. Three years in the making, this assemblage evolved into what became known as the Morph Traits.

    The Morph Traits Book, published by Needles & Pens, is a 4-color, 60 page book, with letter press-style covers, now in it’s 2nd edition of 1000 copies

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