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Ennealogic: September 20, 2013

1. Adam Lefkoe, of Lousiville’s WHAS-11 News, shows us exactly how local sports coverage should be done. And, rightfully so, he literally drops the mic. – – – 2. This stunning photograph from November 1936 at the LaSalle Street train station. It’s the essence of Chicago gangsterdom. – – – 3. Room 666, a 1982 […]

Ennealogic: June 21, 2013

1. Indie label Drag City is set to release a collection of recordings by the genius Andy Kaufman. Tracks include “I’m Not Capable of Having a Relationship” and “Hookers,” so we’re crossing our fingers for a crude Tony Clifton world tour. – – – 2. Photographer Yume Cyan presents a series of long-exposure photographs of […]