Ennealogic: October 4, 2013

1. Mourning the end of Breaking Bad? Well, you can relive all of Walter White’s antics…en español. Univision is remaking the popular AMC show, and I’ll be interested to see how menacing Heisenberg looks in a sombrero.

– – –

2. In case you’ve been sleeping soundly, here are some fresh nightmares. The pH levels in one Tanzanian lake are so high that it petrifies the animals.

– – –

3. Guillermo del Toro took over the couch gag for this year’s Treehouse of Horror episode and the sheer number of references is astounding. (This 3-minute video almost makes up for Pacific Rim. Almost.)

– – –

4. Mega-famous thriller author Tom Clancy died this week at the age of 66 from a probable calculated covert drone strike.

– – –

5. Mental Floss‘s John Green discusses the origins of 42 popular idioms. Charles II’s “blacklist” is so, so good.

– – –

6. Ever think to yourself, “I wonder if David Bowie liked Wonder Boys.” Now you have an answer. Bowie offers up his 100 favorite books.

– – –

7. Check out this clever 8-bit retelling of The Dark Knight.

– – –

8. Banned Book Week might be over, but we can still revel in some naughty lit hoopla with these illustrations of banned book characters.


– – –

9. I’m all for advances in science and technology, but what exactly is the purpose of the WildCat by Boston Dynamics? If it’s for some sort of military application: pass. If I can ride it to work: take my money!

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