Smithsonian Television

If you are not aware, Smithsonian has a channel and they produce original content. Not unlike history as produced by Discovery Channel or History Channel, these are sleak and well made consolidations of information into very short amounts of time. Much of their content is available online in full episodes and I recently came across the documentary on the Titanic that actually took me by surprise. Promising new considerations on what happened, the end result is actually a concise and probable analysis of how the greatest man-made creation of its time came to rest on the bottom of the ocean. If the site doesn’t work for you, check out their YouTube channel where the same content is available for free.

Most are not as long as the piece on Titanic. So, if you are either short on time or if you watch Titanic and want more, go watch this one on the Titanaboa. It’s wonderful to imagine a world where something like this could naturally exist.

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