Watch and Listen

So this is the July 4th weekend. Idealistic rebellion, iffy politics, patriotism, and blowing stuff up. That’s the stuff of independence.

1. Jaws – It takes place over the July 4th holiday. I mean come on.

2. The Rock – The best thing Michael Bay ever made solely because of Ed Harris, whose performance allows this to become much more than just a bloated action extravaganza. The car chase through San Francisco is also still pretty spectacular.

3. Apocalypse Now – Ride of the Valkyries scene sums up the complication of our independence pretty succinctly.

4. Independence Day – How could I not?

5. V for Vendetta – Though it addresses an entirely different rebellion, the ending, with Tchaikovsky’s music, is pretty much our celebration every year.

6. Domino – One more for good measure and because we really needed a little more feminine rebellious kickassery around here.

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