Outer Space

  1. Unthinkable Creatures, a chapbook micropress based in Florida and edited by the esteemed Kristen Stone, is now accepting submissions of “short manuscripts of poetry, fiction, miscellaneous prose, research, or hybridity (15-30 pages, give or take). Intertexuality encouraged. comics, collage, fragments, overshare encouraged.”
  2. There’s still four more days left to submit to Re-Covered Film Posters’ Battle Royale Contest!
  3. “In the German-speaking world, and in most of the rest of Europe, that type of straightforward storytelling, which the Nazis had made such good use of, came to be viewed with distrust. The danger hidden in storytelling became clear — how easy it was to manipulate the crowd. As a result, film, and especially literature, began to examine itself. Storytelling, with all the tricks and ruses it requires, became gradually suspect.” – Michael Haneke, whose work is the focus of Moira Weigel’s “Sadomodernism” at n+1: “Sadomodernism expresses its suspicion toward conventional cinematic storytelling by denying audiences the pleasure of conventional narrative and/or subjecting them to pain. The idea is that, as de Sade’s narratives exposed the violence that reasonable subjects can rationalize committing, these self-consciously sadistic films can draw to the surface the hidden manipulations of conventional filmmaking.”
  4. 60 publishers, workshops, demonstrations, panels, readings and more: book your travel arrangements now because the CUNY Chapbook Festival is May 3-4!
  5. “If they possessed the resources, Doc and Jackson would fund a Bastille Day special starring James Garner, who would inevitably try to fistfight Doc Hammer due to personality conflicts. Doc might have the upper edge due to his ‘oily, yet feminine’ physiology — which Jackson characterized as ‘a banshee trapped in a magical Russian prison’ —but Garner’s unerring fists and timeworn flint (‘like a seventeen-year-old cat’) would win the day.” – Venture Bros. are back!

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