Outer Space

  1. “The year is 1903 and the Lady Jane Grey College for Little Ladies is closed for the summer session, the windows empty, gargoyles and latin script cut into the arched doorways, the buildings now abandoned but for a few who have no other home, a handful of teachers, administrators, and orphans.”
  2. In order to start a web series on blip.tv, you now must apply and demonstrate your ability to deliver quality programming.
  3. The Academy of American Poets honors Sylvia Plath with a top ten list of her favorite things.
  4. $125 for a 3,800 word reported piece and other horrors at How Much Should A Writer Be Paid, If Anything.
  5. New York Tyrant reports: “Marie Calloway will be appearing on the Dr. Phil Show this May. I hope you don’t watch that show, but that you watch it just this once.”

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