Outer Space

Allons-y, readers! Anobium is here to help you vanquish 2012 with some insight into your year end party plans:

  1. Nitrate Dreams: for those who intend to turn down the lights to better facilitate mischief, maybe the Thrill Kill Kult albums are starting to skip. Start up any of collagist maitresse Colette Saint Yves’ 8tracks playlists and watch the debauchery blossom with your dark adapted eyes.
  2. Find yourself shrugging the year off thinking, “Nothing wrong when the song ends in a minor key” – ? Maybe you’re better off holing up in the twilight of 2012 listening to Fiona Apple’s Idler Wheel on repeat. If that’s how it is, let Sady Doyle keep you company.
  3. Garrett Tiedemann keeps the discerning jam connoisseur in in mind with his recommendation: Orphan Fairytale will augment, not overwhelm, your ideal New Years.
  4. You could be like me and prefer, at your parties, the white noise of a good film instead of a soundtrack. For optimal year-end meta-greatness, sneak up on your guests with Brows Held High’s critique of Melancholia (or Trash Humpers – treat yourself). The ones who stop partying to watch intently are the ones you will keep in the New Year. The rest are probably bummed 12/21/12 came to nothing.
  5. Perhaps you’re no partier but a lone soul scouring for a new obsession for 2013? If so, look to Danger 5 for 2013 – a new episode will stream every Sunday!

May 2013 enable you to uncover the keys to the perfect cocktail without having to waist too many enemy spies!

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