Commerce in Shall

Every Friday, the Anobium web staff provides some ideas for what to do with that paycheck in this new segment, “Commerce in Shall.” The title comes from Catherine Wagner’s poem “Macular Hole,” which can be heard here and is available from Fence.

  • Fund the relocation of Seven Kitchens Press by purchasing a copy of editor Ron Mohring’s astonishing Survivable World.
  • Joshua Covell is agush over the Great Gatsby eBook cover from Out of Print, “made by the oldest bookbindery in the U.S. to look, feel and wear like an actual book.”
  • Dorothy, a Publishing Project, offers “a reduced price on each year’s titles together through this website, to encourage readers to approach them as a dialog.” Celebrate yourself.
  • “As you well know, Hurricane Sandy destroyed many homes and businesses recently. One of the places devastated by the hurricane was the Ali Forney Center, a drop-in site for homeless LGBTQ youth in NYC. For the rest of the month, Birds of Lace will be donating 100% of our sales to the Ali Forney Center. Have you been wanting a subscription or a chapbook, or do you want to gift one to someone? Now is an excellent time to do so, as you’ll get excellent reading as well as the opportunity to support important community work.”
  • Just because Bone Bouquet met its subscription goal for last month does not mean it is not absolutely imperative that you subscribe right now because it is.

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