Now Open for Submissions for ‘Weird Love’

We’re putting together a new PRINT book, and we want your writing. Read below, and click here to submit.


If we look closely, the folded space of desire—which only seems to be a sub-category of paraphilia—appears all around us. It’s the remainder when our more conventional libidinal options are exhausted; the vast and largely unexplored space beyond the violence of Sade, the submission ofMasoch and the fetishisms of Freud and Marx. It’s the high-test shit that completely buries everyone else playing ‘truth or dare.’ It’s the place we go from here, the place we’d be if relationships were exponential instead of parabolic. It’s the delicate subject that—like an antique porcelain vase—demands either purple swaddling silk or a cast iron sledge hammer. Or better still: some new technology, some new style. If we are what we love and what loves us, then we’ve been limiting ourselves.

What we want: Freedom.

Freedom—at long last—from ‘boy meets girl’ and its many permutations. From loves loved and lost (we don’t drink bittersweet beverages unless there’s peyote buttons in them). From threesome fantasies that you’d do better to live than write about. From rape fantasies you should be confessing to your shrink. And, with all due respect, from ‘coming-out’ stories, or from Sundance-channel bisexuality.

You know better than to imitate, but you might fortify yourself with a cocktail: 1 oz. Lynch’s Frank (a la Blue Velvet), 1 oz. Rachilde’s Venus (a la Monsieur Venus), 1 oz. Lucky Mckee’s May (a la May), a splash of the Doom Generation, and a twist of Kraft-Ebbing. Spike it with whatever you got.

With the exception of this sentence, we’re restraining ourselves from ‘think outside the box’ puns. But seriously: Think. Outside. The Box.


As in our Noospheria release, this we are looking for three main ‘types’ of writing: non-fiction, fiction, and long-form interviews. No flash fiction or poetry. And no length restrictions or caps—relatively speaking (size matters less than skill).

For non-fiction, we’re most interested in cultural criticism and analyses, or bizarro journalism/reportage. Memoir maybe. For fiction pieces, it’s no-holds-barred (but please read other Anobium fiction to know what we like). For interviews, find interesting subjects. Big names or small names, it doesn’t matter.

For this volume, we’re just as much interested in curation as we are in collaboration. If you have an idea or a lead, feel free to send us queries. If the potential is there, we’ll work with you to bring it out.


Submit, and let’s fall in love all over again.

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