Falcon Arrow’s Anti-Matter

“It may be that the most interesting American struggle is the struggle to set oneself free from the limits one is born to, and then to learn something of the value of those limits.” –Greil Marcus

For the past year I’ve had the privilege of working with Falcon Arrow; a Minnesota band based in Minneapolis.  They’re a two-piece of bass and drums with a few albums and years now under the belt.  Their sound is loud, but orchestrated.  They know how to work a studio and come out with arrangements far beyond the simplicity of their foundation.

They’ve got a new album out called Anti-Matter.  It’s a high water mark for them; something you should at the very least go listen to, but at the most purchase and hopefully go support in a venue of the live variety.

The collection reminds me of the early nineties Seattle prior to the explosion and overwhelming popularity.  Not in a nostalgic, returning to grunge or anything of that nature sort of way, but in the energy that I deem similar.  The way they play is liken to memories of that point in my life- the feelings and presentation of nothing to lose – the feeling that even in crafting very loud tracks there is a soul and artfulness, a willingness to do what is necessary for the expression.

Simply stated, it’s not loud for loud’s sake.

As yet to be a career band, Falcon Arrow are two guys sharing a dream and putting it out there in the greatest capacity they can muster.  Their occupations are not on the line.  This album will not make or break their reality.

But, it should get out there.  It should make them more of a household name.  From the spacey sounds that filter in and out, allowing one to dream of 50s science fiction and all the lives it conjured, to the varied layers of bass that Matt Reints can actually achieve live via coordinated looping and an extensive amount of talent, all supported by the drums of David Kemp; one of the best in the city, if not the country, as far as I am concerned.  His coordinated hammerings dance amongst Matt’s lines and put his looping to the test at every turn.

It’s music at its finest.  Gritty and loud, without denying the sensibilities of pop and audience connectivity.

It’s become easy to dismiss the two-piece.  No longer such a statement of wonder, the last decade’s onslaught of bands have been overshadowed by the highs of The White Stripes/The Black Keys and the lows of the eventual fallout; the dying fad that disregards the variability of the number game.  Sadly, this allows overlooking to occur.  This allows a sense of dismay, a been there done that, to filter into the normal examination process.

Falcon Arrow are an impressive act in their own right and truly shine on a stage.  They have an energy and vibe that is missed in these days of big stadiums and extensively rehearsed lip sync jargon.  There is truth in what they do.  They need no additional players to accomplish the studio presentation and yet the live show is not simply regurgitation either.  Their strength is in their performance.  Being able to see them move and act according to the rhythms being launched.

I got to know the band shooting them live a year ago and am happy to have produced a document that attests to their abilities on the stage.  It’s two guys doing what they love to do, two human beings committing to an idea and pushing it as far as they can handle.

With the release of their new album they are going on tour.  You should track them down.  Find the show.  Every bit of what is most likely a minimal entrance few will be worth seeing these guys.

And buy their album!  They deserve selling the crap out of it.

Falcon Arrow 2012 Tour (so far):

Fri-Oct. 5 @ Revival House, Rockford, IL

Sat-Oct. 6 @ Recycling Center, Detroit, MI

Sun-Oct. 7 @ Garfield Art Works, Pittsburgh, PA

Mon-Oct. 8 @ TBA, PA

Tue-Oct. 9 @ TBD

Wed-Oct 10 @ Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY

Thu-Oct 11 @ Piano’s Manhattan, NY

Fri-Oct 12 @ GZ, Troy, NY

Sat-Oct 13 @ PA’s Lounge, Somerville, MA

Mon-Oct 15 @ Galaxy Hut, Arlington, VA

Tue-Oct 16 TBD

Wed-Oct 17 @ Buzzbin, Canton, OH

Thu-Oct 18 @ Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN

Fri-Oct 19 @ TBD, OH

Sat-Oct 20 @ TBA, Iowa City, IA

Sat-Oct 13 @ PA’s Lounge, Somerville, MA

Mon-Oct 15 @ Galaxy Hut, Arlington, VA

Tue-Oct 16 TBD

Wed-Oct 17 @ Buzzbin, Canton, OH

Thu-Oct 18 @ Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN

Fri-Oct 19 @ TBD, OH

Sat-Oct 20 @ TBA, Iowa City, IA

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