Ennealogic 2012: Week 21

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1. Slow-motion steel cutting. Strangely mesmerizing. Possibly trance-inducing.

2. “City of Glass” by L A N D. “But more than simply music, the multidisciplinary L A N D draw on and evoke a wide range of art forms. They describe this work as, “approaching an apocalyptic noir narrative,” and Night Within, despite its slate visual appeal which recalls the grey paintings of Gerhard Richter, thematically points towards a world occupied by the early postmodern detective stories of Paul Auster and the urban neon dislocation of Taxi Driver with its existential protagonist roaming the city alone late at night.”

3. Three Hands Press. “Three Hands Press, a sister publishing house of Xoanon Publishing, was conceived in Summer 2003 as a joint venture between Andrew Chumbley, Daniel Schulke, and an anonymous third party. Its name refers in part to the threefold actuating force of author, publisher, and the animating spirit of a book. This triune power is the quintessence of the reifying textual force, and aptly glyphs our regard of the Magical Book as sentient manifestations of the Logos.”

4. New Wheat Beer from Half Acre. No, we don’t get anything for saying this. We’re just very excited.

5. New song previews from Benea Reach. Bedtime music.

6. Almost ONE FUCKING HOUR’S WORTH of deleted scenes from Blue Velvet. How apropos. “It’s out of context and sequence (and without a full score), of course, and I’m hoping that another Lynch-obsessed person out there will take the time to do a fan edit of the movie with the deleted scenes replaced. In the mean time, it’s very, very cool to add an extra layer of fascination to a movie I’ve loved for so long and seen so many times. The dimension this footage adds to the character of Jeffrey Beaumont in particular is kind of mind-blowing. I almost feel like I didn’t really know who he was until now!

7. Our managing editor, Benjamin van Loon, showing up in the Chicago Tribune. Thanks, Christopher Borrelli. “Benjamin van Loon, seated behind a table on South Dearborn Street promoting his small, year-old, Chicago-based press, Anobium Books (“strange, surreal and insectile literature”), quipped that, as a publisher, “print almost feels like a guilty pleasure now. As a writer, I almost tell editors, ‘Put it in a print, and you can pay me less.'”

8. This thread on Reddit that got us, like, a billion views this week. It features a picture form Guy Laramee, who we interviewed just a few weeks ago.

9. This story by contributor Matt Pine. He first read it at our V2 release party, and now it’s online at Bluestem! “When the engines stopped – the four propellers spinning now from the press of air – murmurs spread through the cabin. And we could hear the murmuring, this was something people noticed right away. Flying was silent, suddenly, and effortless. What a joy! Chatter grew to whooping and cheering. The day was bright, the sky cloudless. In all directions was ocean, pink and finely rippled like a clam shell beneath us. Seat belts snapped open like popcorn.

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