Ennealogic 2012: Week 18

My name is Gisele and I am here to help you to report any sighting(s) involving UFOs, abductions, or animal mutilations.UFO Digest.

UFOs? Makes sense. Abductions? Makes sense. But what do animal mutations have to do with the rest of that?

1. Preview of some art for Volume 3.

2. Anobium hits the west coast! Thanks to the efforts of our intrepid west coast correspondent, Matt Pine, Anobium is now available at Needles & Pens – 3253 16th Street, Dog Eared Books – 900 Valencia Street (at 20th), and Green Apple Books – 506 Clement Avenue (at 6th)

3. Near-death experience.

4. Where do all the dead pigeons go? “The short answer is in Pigeon Heaven (unless they’ve been bad birds, in which case they’re squawking in boiling pitch in Pigeon Hell). The long answer is that the life of a pigeon is brutal and short, and if they do make it to the end zone without something terribly unpleasant happening they tend to want to die away from all the cameras.” – The Atlantic

5. Trailer for new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, with excellent music by Johnny Greenwood.

6. Visceral report about where all of the Maldives trash goes.  “The Maldives are known as an unspoilt, paradise island destination for upmarket tourists but the BBC’s Simon Reeve has paid a visit to a part of the Maldives that tourists do not see – a huge island waste dump.” – BBC

7. This re-release of an old book. Roadside Picnic, classic Russian sci-fi.

8. Torpedo juice. “Torpedo juice is American slang for an alcoholic beverage, first mixed in World War II, made from pineapple juice and the 180-proof grain alcohol fuel used in United States Navy torpedo motors.[1] Various poisonous additives were mixed into the fuel alcohol by Navy authorities to render the alcohol undrinkable, and various methods were employed by the U.S. sailors to separate the alcohol from the poison. Aside from the expected alcohol intoxication and subsequent hangover, the effects of drinking torpedo juice sometimes included mild or severe reactions to the poison, and the drink’s reputation developed an early element of risk.” – Wikipedia

9. Remember Harold Camping? “I learned a lot about the seductive power of radical belief, the inscrutable vagaries of biblical interpretation, and how our minds can shape reality to fit a narrative. I also learned that you don’t have to be nuts to believe something crazy.” – Religion Digest

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