Ennealogic 2012: Week 18

We skipped last weekend, but we can’t always be working in this realm. Some of us have bills to pay, kids to feed to kids.

Anyway, nine things. Wham bam, thank you Sam.

1. First and foremost, the Joe Meno ‘Office Girl’ release party!

June 28th, Chicago, GO!

2. And this picture.

3. And this one, too.

4. Anobium is at St. Marks bookstore in New York City! Contributor Benjamin Schachtman did the sweet talking, and got us in to Manhattan’s preeminent independent bookseller. Now all of our east coast friends can be materially/physically sated. Dig?

5. The Rescription Project has begun! May 3rd marked the beginning of what promises to be an enthralling experiment. We have professors, working-class writers, students, and maybe a few off-the-grid folks in on the gig. There was much beer, food, and mysterious words exchanged. Stay tuned for updates.

6. The downstairs neighbor has a dog that won’t stop barking, and the dog likely isn’t any bigger than your dad’s left workboot. Do you see what we have to deal with? Chicago isn’t all fun and games. Things get serious here, fast. How did we go from wolves to this? This yapping. This anklebiting. No, we don’t have any pictures to provide, either. This is something you need to imagine, unless you have a mortgage, which means you have a whole other set of issues to deal with. There’s no freedom in this world. Just the occasional gummy lined with THC.

7. Legless, armless amphibians discovered. Surely would make a better pet than a barking rat, no?

8. Anobium on Chicago Artists Resource. We’ve posted about this once already, but it’s worth a second mention. “Much of independent publishing is very quaint, small-towny: covers with script fonts, poetry about childhood, writer bios proclaiming cat ownerships. Plus, for many of these publications, design is usually an afterthought—Papyrus and Times New Roman schlock. And on the other end, you have these monocle’d university publications with two-page mastheads and philanthropic endowments and professorial pretense. I suspected I wasn’t the only one bummed out by this set-up.”

9. Submissions to the R. Dower Book Series have closed. Stay tuned for an announcement for our first official release. Hint: Ireland. Submissions to V3 remain open!

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