Enealogic 2012: Week 14

“It was kept under a glass all day while I was at work. When I got home, I de-glassed it and gave it the treasure of my heel.” – R. Dower.

1. The Eric Holubow display at the Chicago Cultural Center. A Chicago-based photographer who takes pictures of urban decay and awards these things the beauty they deserve.

Chicago's 'Uptown Theater'

2. This little glimpse at the poster for the release party for Joe Meno’s Office Girl.┬áThe graphic is by Chicago printmaker Jason Frederick.

3. Anobium Volume 1 and Volume 2 are now available in Hyde Park at 57th Street Books! (The Chicago version of Hyde Park. Not the real Hyde Park.)

4. The Bad Version Literary Magazine. This week, one of our editors met with one of their editors and we discussed possible collaborations/collusions. Interested things may be on the horizon. ‘Bad’ things, you might say.

5. Best wedding video ever. Post-modern narrative and all.

6. David Lynch recounting his George Lucas run-in. Close fucking call.

7. Eight tips how to write a great story from H.H. Kurt Vonnegut. “Start as close to the end as possible.”

8. This unnerving short documentary about the suicide forest of Mt. Fuji. “So dense is the vegetation at the foot of Japan’s Mount Fuji, it is all too easy to disappear among the evergreens and never be seen again.Each year the authorities remove as many as 100 bodies found hanging at the country’s suicide hotspot – but others can lie undiscovered for years.”

9. Wild MASS. man noshes on his wife. Not in the way you would think.

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