Ennealogic 2012: Week 13

So we took last week off on the Ennealogic track. Probably some kind of ethereal superstition about how the number 9 interacts with the number 12. But everyone survived okay, right? Nothing popped up in the obits.

And so we have the nine:

1. Crazy Clown Time music video. David Lynch at his finest.

2. The Rescription Project. A cool new writing experiment/collective we’re piloting in Chicagoland. If you’re local, check it out. Good way to get published, make friends, or maybe make enemies? Either way, it’s dope, man.

3. Comics: Philosophy & Practice Conference at the University of Chicago. So what if U of C is a nerd school? What other school can bring Robert Crumb out of the caves?

4. Anobium on BookBlogs. We’re always finding ways to increase the size of our digital footprint. To make more of the world our own, or what have you. Check it out, if you’re into that kind of thing.

5. Interchange betwee author Adam Levin and porn star Kayden Kross. Wherein they discuss easy money, hard money, The Instructions, and navigating the waters of intellect and commerce. (Pictures are necessary in this situation. Mashed up from The Rumpus and Maisonneuve, respectively.)

6. How the quietest room in the world can induce panic and hallucinations. Sensory deprivation leads to sensory… exacerbation? Either way, immerse yourself in a -9 decibel world and you’ll find that Being is all the high you’ll need. Martin Highdegger.

7. Man bites off bartender’s finger. We’ll just copy and paste the lead: “Angered that he was being kicked out a bar for having sex there, a 38-year-old Fort Ann man bit off a bartender’s finger Sunday morning, police said.”

8. Was Satan not so much a python as a titanoboa? So the serpent came to Eve and tempted her with with knowledge. Eve ceded, and humankind fell, and that’s all she wrote. But the question theologians have failed to ask is how could a mere human being say ‘no’ to a beast big enough to eat a sedan?

9. Mortal combat between a wasp and a tarantula, hi-def with excellent narration. Creep out your kid sister.

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