Ennealogic 2012: Week 11

“The stream of thought flows on; but most of its segments fall into the bottomless abyss of oblivion. Of some, no memory survives the instant of their passage. Of others, it is confined to a few moments, hours or days. Others, again, leave vestiges which are indestructible, and by means of which they may be recalled as long as life endures.” — William James

That’s the most we can offer.

Our nine favorite things from the week. In no conscious order, a tendency which is itself a form of order:

1. ‘New’ Lungfish album. Forthcoming from Dischord records. One of our all-time favorite record labels, one of our all-time favorite bands, fronted by one of our all-time favorite personal saviors (Daniel Higgs). We think the A in ‘A.C.R.’ might stand for Apocryphal. The rest, of course, is hidden.

2. ‘Life Needs Internet’ from artist Jeroen van Loon. Artist Jeroen van Loon has absolutely no relation to Anobium’s Benjamin van Loon or Jacob van Loon. He’s from the Netherlands and we’ll have an interview with him soon.

3. Hot Pink by Adam Levin. Earlier this week, we saw Chicago author Adam Levin read from his new book, Hot Pink. It’s excellent. We’re reading it now, and you should read it too.

4. The Chicagoan. That a print publication can still wow in 2012. The Chicagoan is like a revived social magazine batting at New Yorker range. It’s excellent, and the first issue is almost sold out. Seriously, pick this one up.

5. Parasitic wasps taking over the body and the mind of their host. Freaky deaky.

6. A whole buncha new links on our LINKS page. Interested in a link swap? Let us know! editor@anobiumlit.com

7. Mysterious, underground tremors rocking Wisconsin backwaters. “MILWAUKEE (AP) — A minor earthquake occurred this week near the eastern Wisconsin city where researchers have been investigating a series of unexplained booming sounds, federal geologists said Thursday. The U.S. Geological Survey said the 1.5-magnitude earthquake struck Tuesday just after midnight in Clintonville, a town of about 4,600 people about 40 miles west of Green Bay.”

8. Old Man Gloom is touring again. So they’re not coming to Chicago, or talking about a record, but still, we can dream.

9. This picture from our Chthonic Phenomena album.

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