Ennealogic 2012: Week 11


2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 5

5 + 1 = 6

6 x 111 = 666

2012 = 666


Have you ever seen funnyman Jim Carey’s The Number 23? It operates on the same numerological principle. They can’t all be winners.


6 + 6 + 6 = 18

18 / 2 = 9

Our nine favorite things out of the week:

1. Our new and improved ‘about us’ section. Good words for good people.

But then we thought: first and foremost, we’re about literature, and literature is like religion. From it our Weltanschauungen spring forth. Literaryness qua Literaryness is more than just words on a page. It’s aesthetic sensibility, cultural awareness, creative sensitivity, and knowing how to wear a funny hat. As such, over the next year (years?), you will see Anobium continuing to expand its ‘literary scope.’

…and so forth.

2. The Black Road Project. According to some people, the world is ending (or beginning anew) this December. Anobium’s stance on existence is that it is an endless exercise in the arrangement of deck chairs on a sinking ship. The Black Road Project is about this; the end of the world, which is fast approaching. Fact, fiction, and inbred versions thereof.

3. Theater prop-switch breaks the fourth wall. A production of Friedrich Schiller’s Mary Stuart wherein the play concludes with leading man offing himself with a with a knife to his throat. However, in this version, someone swapped a faux knife with bona fide knife (unbeknownst to the actor). Sticky situation. Brechtian, maybe?

4. Every ‘episode’ of Itchy & Scratchy ever. (So it’s not so much a fringe art, but it’s Friday and who doesn’t want to waste an hour of Time?)

5. This report examining the strange thing that compels us to resist the temptation to jump off a bridge.

The experience of a sudden urge to jump when in a high place has been speculated to be associated with suicidal ideation; however, scant data has informed this speculation. We termed this experience the high place phenomenon (HPP) and proposed that it stems from a misinterpreted safety signal (i.e., survival instinct).

6. This other report, a bit more dated, proposing that LSD/hallucinogens can be used to treat addiction.

Patients were all taking part in alcohol treatment programmes, but some were given a single dose of LSD of between 210 and 800 micrograms. For the group of patients taking LSD, 59% showed reduced levels of alcohol misuse compared with 38% in the other group.

7. New album from Madisonian garage-rockers, The Hussy. Speaking of hallucinogens…

8. Pataphysical Essays by Rene Daumal. Great new book and something of a lost treasure. It’s like the philosophy of Anobium. To know X = to know (Everything – X). Book is due out soon. Order it NOW. (Our full review is forthcoming.)

9. Request information on yourself from the FBI via the Freedom of Information Act. Decloset the skeletons you didn’t know you had.

– – –

[Feature image from Room 26]

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